architecture and art for public places


HEKA ︎︎︎
luka murovec
/ Pneumatic Structure
/ Port of Koper, Slovenia
/ IZIS Festival ︎︎︎ 
Experimental Sound Lab goes into Public Space.

The Experiential Sound Studio in HEKA Art&Science Lab was designed in dialogue with the space, aiming to harness the power of digital spatial sound for artistic expression.

Fabrication: Rok Pahor, Tia Avšec

Photo: Ana Markežič, Borut Jerman, Aleš Rosa


luka murovec

Placed in the public space of Karlsraue Park, adjacent to the Kassel Art School's Department of Sound, stands a 2-meter-tall metallic sculpture. Its sturdy front panel, made of perforated steel, acts as a protective shield for its high-definition speakers and subwoofer. Through this integration, the sculpture has the capability to emit carefully selected audio artworks, enveloping the surrounding area with immersive and pristine sound.

X is a transversal axis of Direct Media [Department of Sound] / Kunsthochschule Kassel conveying media-specific practices and a subsequent series of publications done in collaboration with the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology. 

2023 ︎︎︎ ongoing
/ Project Coordination, Public Architecture
/ Frihamnen Harbour, Gothenburg, Sweden
/ City of Gothenburg ︎︎︎
The new floating bathing platform is designed as a collage of the existing pool and a number of new platforms and bathing facilities.

The Blue Park is a continuation of raumlabor’s public sauna and pool project from 2014/ 2015.

The sauna will be refurbished for a long-term public use, new amenity buildings will be built and integrated into the waterside of the former harbour. 


luka murovec
/ Public Space
/ Frihamnen, Göteborg, Sweden
/ Prototyp Göteborg ︎︎︎
Project done in collaboration with architects Maja Linnea Wendel, Rasmus RB Maabjerg from Rumgehoer Studio and artist Brad Downey. 

Clouds are in perpetual motion. Sometimes they may appear static, but they are being driven by the wind — a force which we cannot see.

On our initial site visit we noticed that one of the main features of Södra Frihamnspiren is its remarkable windiness.

Though wind is often considered a nuisance on public projects and building sites - we see it as an unused resource.

IZIS 2023

luka murovec
/ Exhibition Design
/ Port of Koper, Slovenia
/ IZIS Festival ︎︎︎
At this year's IZIS we tried to acknowledge and accept - as much as we could - Rovellis relational interpretation. To make the Libertas exhibition space display the highest possible degree of interconnection with what is exhibited. The curatorial work with the authors. The limits of personhood with authorship. And above all else: the creative process of each of us with the inner core of necessity that drives us. And after all these years that have passed since the youthful aspirations of the first IZIS - if it is true that the elementary particle is the relationship - "which was a tangle of intellectual tumult, free spirit and friendship," to verify if this statement still holds true. Text by Karlo Hmeljak, Curator: Marko Vivoda.