architecture and art for public places

︎2200 UND3R
luka murovec
/ Exhibition Design, Art Installation
/ Port of Koper, Slovenia
/ IZIS Festival ︎︎︎
/ RTV SLO Kultura ︎︎︎
Deep dive into Aquatic Artforms - the Exhibition reinterprets Scientific data of the predicted Climate impacts on the Adriatic Sea through contemporary Art Forms. 

The exhibition design is based on re-use and sustainable use of new materials: reconfiguration of drywalls from the former Exhibition, 700 plastic crates from the recycling centres of Slovenian coastal towns, borrowed Sea shells, 4m3 of wood waste from the Port of Koper, reconfiguration of the beautiful existing Salt Storage - all with an aim to minimize consumption and add to the Industrial and Cultural Heritage of the old Venetian town of Koper, Slovenia.   

Central blue Illuminated ring adds to the topic of “Under” - symbolizing the Water level of the Mediterranean Sea in this exact location in year 2200. 

By the Entrance the visitiors are confronted by a tall wall, then dive into 4m tall black curtains to enter the old stone walled exhibition space that shows very first Underwater Art Films from 1920’s. Tall walls out of plastic crates make a passage into the Large common Space dominated by contemporary Art pieces and a free-roaming robot. Passage in an existing wall has been added to expand the Space behind the boat resembling wall that also functions as an lookout balcony, overviewing the deep main Exhibition space. The path continues in a circular way and ends in a pitch - black room eqiupped with an infrared camera in a mirrorlike surprise.  
2021 ︎︎︎ 22.05-21.11.
/ Public Installation
/ Venice, Italy
/ Biennale Architettura︎︎︎

How will we live together?

raumlaborberlin contribution to the Biennale “Instances of Urban Practice”, showcases the Berlin projects Haus der Statistik and the Floating University.  

luka murovec
2021 ︎︎︎ opening 24th May
/ Sculpture, Public Installation
/ Ljubljana, Slovenia
/ Svetlobna Gverila︎︎︎


The inflatable light sculpture, set in the intimacy of a green courtyard in the centre of Ljubljana, shines in calm rhythm of breathing light. The object represents an independent human, in her most basic essence - without any authority other than her own.

The sculpture is larger and taller than the human body, as a human is more than just the matter in which she exists. Like a scan of the human aura, she glows on and slowly goes out, breathing, changing, offering light to an otherwise dark and secret public place.

She stands strong and bright at night but during the day, patient as a sleeping Venus, awaits her time to once again flourish into Full Life.

The soft and gentle exterior and the massive raw interior symbolize our daily interaction with the world. The 6-pointed symbol marks the spot and reminds of humble gratitude to the current reality.

2019 ︎︎︎ ongoing
/ Project Coordination
/ Frihamnen Harbour, Gothenburg, Sweden
/ City of Gothenburg ︎︎︎

The Blue Park is a continuation of raumlabor’s public sauna and pool project from 2014/ 2015. The sauna will be refurbished for a long-term public use, new amenity buildings will be built and integrated into the waterside of the former harbour. Wooden paths and decks will lead into the newly planted wetlands. The new floating bathing platform is designed as a collage of the existing pool and a number of new platforms and bathing facilities.