architecture and art for public places

CTM 2020 -
/ Exhibition Design, Public Installation Art
/ Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin ︎︎︎
/ Disk Agency ︎︎︎
The scenography resembles an institutionalized, highly functional space for exhibiting art, while simultaneously mirroring this function to create a surreal ambience and to achieve a  loss of control.

Triangular pillars with one illuminated side shine on each other to provide a well lit exhibition surface. They have sharp edges and are dominantly positioned in the space. Long curtains provide a feeling of softness and security, while also intentionally hiding the passages to other exhibition spaces.

After the visitor discovers a passage to another space, they enter into a completely different atmosphere. Entering from a very bright space into a completely black tunnel, from a neutral-grey space into a colourful, bright red space, or simply transitioning from the gallery experience of being observant in solitude to coming into an ambience of shared comfort.