architecture and art for public places

/ Drawing, Installation Art, Construction
/// Warsaw, Madrid, Zürich
/ Visit Berlin ︎︎︎/ Kulturprojekte ︎︎︎
The “Pop Into Berlin” was an initiative of visitBerlin in co-operation with beBerlin and Kulturprojekte Berlin. A series of events in three cities that were chosen for the promotion of the city of Berlin; Warsaw, Madrid and Zürich.raumlaborberlin was invited to design and build the interior space of each lo- cation and to organize the opening night of the Berlin architecture, art and music week. Visitiors took part in discussions and confessions with performance artist Pastor Leumund, to draw together a Pro- test-city, print a T-shirt and form dicus- sions about contemporary life in cities. The interior space was built in a few days, with limited resources of materials. All spaces also offered free interactions between the public and the performers.