architecture and art for public places

IZIS 2023

luka murovec
/ Exhibition Design
/ Port of Koper, Slovenia
/ IZIS Festival ︎︎︎
At this year's IZIS we tried to acknowledge and accept - as much as we could - Rovellis relational interpretation. To make the Libertas exhibition space display the highest possible degree of interconnection with what is exhibited. The curatorial work with the authors. The limits of personhood with authorship. And above all else: the creative process of each of us with the inner core of necessity that drives us. And after all these years that have passed since the youthful aspirations of the first IZIS - if it is true that the elementary particle is the relationship - "which was a tangle of intellectual tumult, free spirit and friendship," to verify if this statement still holds true. Text by Karlo Hmeljak, Curator: Marko Vivoda.