luka murovec
2020 ︎︎︎ opening 23rd December
/ Exhibition, Research, Video
/ Maribor, Slovenia
/ Epeka K8 Gallery ︎︎︎
Research and Exhibition about the Pohorje Massif Old-growth forest and it’s cultural heritage of peculiar beliefs, rituals and mythologies.

The exhibition will comprise of a video work, backlit photography panels, corresponding spatial design and an exhibition catalogue. 

2019 ︎︎︎ ongoing
/ Project Coordination
/ Frihamnen Harbour, Gothenburg, Sweden
/ City of Gothenburg ︎︎︎

The Blue Park is a continuation of raumlabor’s public sauna and pool project from 2014/ 2015. The sauna will be refurbished for a long-term public use, new amenity buildings will be built and integrated into the waterside of the former harbour. Wooden paths and decks will lead into the newly planted wetlands. The new floating bathing platform is designed as a collage of the existing pool and a number of new platforms and bathing facilities.

2020 ︎︎︎ 2nd - 29th September 
/ Exhibition Design
/ Koper Harbour, Koper, Slovenia
/ Festival Izis ︎︎︎

Art Exhibition - Brad Downey:
“Fuck Off Illusion“ within the context of “IZIS Festival“ opening September 2-30. At Libertas Koper in Slovenia curated by Marko Vivoda and Exhibition design by Luka Murovec and Maja Linnea Wendel

CTM 2020 -
The scenography resembles an institutionalized, highly functional space for exhibiting art, while simultaneously mirroring this function to create a surreal ambience and to achieve a  loss of control.

Triangular pillars with one illuminated side shine on each other to provide a well lit exhibition surface. They have sharp edges and are dominantly positioned in the space. Long curtains provide a feeling of softness and security, while also intentionally hiding the passages to other exhibition spaces.

After the visitor discovers a passage to another space, they enter into a completely different atmosphere. Entering from a very bright space into a completely black tunnel, from a neutral-grey space into a colourful, bright red space, or simply transitioning from the gallery experience of being observant in solitude to coming into an ambience of shared comfort.